No sooner did he grasp the meaning of ‘business’ or he was merchandising his lemonade to fill the piggy bank. With passion and determination this guy is in it for the long haul. Organizing, connecting and spreading the word is what he does best. Go for it and learn along the way is his motto (whilst having a beer of course).
Thank you for dropping in. Take a seat, be welcome.
We are the Amsterdam Brewboys.  Our mission: Serve you the best F`ing  beer on the planet. Nothing more, but certainly nothing less. We make a day’s job out of testing, tasting and general awesome saucery. See it as a man-kettle-wedlock. We simply love crafting beers.

While being Gypsy Brewers is nice enough; It's our goal to own and operate a full fledged brewery and brewpub, an ambition we are determined to make reality. Here we will serve you a profusion of flavours and styles. Possibly some good pub grub too...

Enjoy our beers in one of many bars around town. Or pick up a few from the shops and take the excitement home with you.

Amsterdam Brewboys – kick-ass beer.
This one is a true Brewington. As a former chef he understands flavours and fumes and getting it right for the perfect combo. Hops and grains are being put to the test before they go into his kettle. And he a little crazy. But don’t let that stop you from having a beer and a chat with him. He’s a brewer, not a biter.
Red cheeks from our Amsterdam Pale Ale
This American Pale Ale includes a healthy dose of Cascade and Amarillo hops.
Beautifully dry hopped to deliver a mouthful of aromatic goodness beneath its inviting light amber glow. A handcrafted beer with personality. Don't be shy, we're going to enjoy each other's company. 5,4% alcohol
I predict a riot
Our Amber Ale is brewed as bold as brass with a shedload of hops.
A riot of floral and citrus aromas underpinned with smooth bitterness.
Yet moderate alcohol levels will keep you bright eyed and bushy tailed.
Thank you India
Designed to last the journey and quench the thirst of many. Tomahawk, Centennial and Simcoe hops for bittering and aroma, bringing zesty and spicy flavours to a tantalizing balance. 6,5% alcohol
Pure as the
driven snow
Summer has arrived!
As the cold is broken with summers’ bright. Winter wheat is harvested to produce our golden haze. Butterflies flutter, as do the girls
~ Aestival Wit.


Amsterdam Brewboys

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